Mission & Vision


Inspire science learning for life.



Be the spark that ignites innovation.



Create prosperity in our community that enhances lives.


Community Needs

There is a common need for high quality experiences for families, and for institutions that build a strong sense of community with citizens with widely ranging backgrounds, economic status, and personal goals. Orlando seeks to increase its stake in knowledge industries that employ high wage workers, and a key component of this goal is a strong educational system with an emphasis on math and science learning.

Parents, increasingly in households where all caregivers hold full time jobs, need a place for quality time with their children, to reinforce good educational habits. There is a national scale crisis in the production of future knowledge workers, which is often attributed to a need to create interest in these careers in young children. The Orlando Science Center sees itself as playing an important role in meeting these needs for our region.

SCOPE Magazine

SCOPE Magazine

5 MB | September 3, 2018

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